At StudiOffice we design and build the best for you!

You can have a StudiOffice the size and shape to suit your location.
The structure is customised to your requirements.
A StudiOffice is built upon solid foundations with a strong supporting framework.

Your completed StudiOffice is exactly what you want...

It provides all your requirements regarding size, appearance and function.

The purpose of your StudiOffice affects the final design. It may be multi-function and provide an office or playroom during the day and a cinema or gym in the evening.

Prices for a StudiOffice structure range from only £5,000 and go up to £25,000 depending upon size, design and your extras. We can provide anything you want!

You may download our 2016 StudiOffice Brochure now and discover how we work to provide you with complete satisfaction. The Contents of the Brochure include:

• Finding the Right Studio
• Ten important Things You must Consider
• Studio Shapes & Sizes
• Eco-Friendly Materials
• Construction components
• Timber Decking
• Services and Materials for a Studio
• Planning Permission?
• Frequently Asked Questions
• Studio Prices
...and much more!

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Established 1998

Hi, I'm Andrew Hunt the owner of StudiOffice. I launched the business last year alongside my deck building company TopDeck UK. I have been building bespoke studios, offices, summerhouses and garden decking since 1998. During the last 19 years I've put 100% quality into my work ensuring complete satisfaction and value for my customers.

If your studio (or decking) requirements are urgent, simply phone me, e-mail me at or complete the form above:
Southern Enquiries: 020 8123 9333
Northern Enquiries: 01244 940 432